About The Music

PhillyBloco is modeled after the blocos of Rio de Janeiro, with their large percussion sections and harmonic/vocal accompaniment. Our group is comprised of twelve drummers, electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals, horn section, accordion, and Brazilian dancers. The group performs a raucous mash-up of samba, funk, reggae, and more made popular by both Brazilian and non-Brazilian artists including: Olodum, Timbalada, Monobloco, Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder. The one constant in all of our music is a heavy percussive element (12 drummers!) that we use to explore the tremendous range of Brazilian rhythms, applying our own unique creativity and energy to each arrangement.

Our music is extremely high energy, full of passion and feeling. We want to make people dance, feel good, and give them something to celebrate every time they see us perform!

Want to learn to play drums like PhillyBloco?  Director Mike Stevens leads weekly Samba Drum Classes in Mt Airy that are open to all ages and ability levels.  For more information on these classes, check out the Unidos da Filadelfia website.




You can now download our albums on the Merchandise page!


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Band Members

Paul Williams: Caixa/Cymbals/Cuica
Demeko Freeman: Caixa/Conga/Timbal
Barbara Duncan: Caixa
Ali Stumacher: Tamborim/Agogo/Surdo
Martha Grace: Tamborim/Agogo/Surdo
Stuart Feldman: Tamborim/Agogo
Karen “Otter” Escovitz: Repinique/Tamborim/Chocalho
Mark Stehle: Repinique/Triangle/Chocalho/Alfaia
Josh Warner: Surdo
Jay Beck: Surdo/Timbal/Vocals
Jakeya Sanders: Vocals
Ed Dobbs: Electric Guitar
Dave Palan: Electric Bass
Bart Miltenberger: Trumpet
Mary Cappillino: Trumpet
Sean McCusker: Trombone
Justin Moore: Trombone
Liz Smith: Dance
Lela Patrik: Dance
Jonathan Delgado-Melendez: Dance
Mike Stevens: Surdo/Repinique/Caixa/Musical Director


Contact Us

If you’re interested in booking PhillyBloco for an event, please visit the booking page. For any other questions and comments, please use the form below, connect with us on Facebook, or email us: phillybloco (at) gmail (dot) com